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Love, love your project. The English-speaking Taiwanese diaspora definitely needs this. I’m from an older generation without the benefit of the diaspora community that existed for later generations. ~C.Chang

I’ve always been interested in Taiwanese history in general, it wasn’t very accessible for various reasons. I first came across Japanese colonial architecture in school and have been keeping an eye out since. Been waiting years for somebody to write about it in English. ~E.Chen, architect

Thank you for the work you do! So glad to have found a project documenting what I find to be a fascinating aspect of Taiwanese history. ~F.Luor, illustrator

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A collection of writings on historic architecture in Taiwan, built 1895-1945. Research and interpretation by Emi Higashiyama.


Emi is a historic preservationist, specializing in Japanese colonial architecture in Taiwan and multicultural/multilingual aspects of Taiwanese heritage issues.